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Best Haircuts for you in 2023, According to Your Face Shape

Your hair says a lot about you. This year, be sure to show it a little more love
















Textured Crop

The classic Crop is made up of short backs and sides, with some choppy length left to play with on top. It’s popular as it’s a good looking style that requires minimal effort – it does require a visit to the barbers at least once a month though. The crop has seen a resurgence amongst the hip recently and I am seeing it move through to mainstream in the shops. The great thing about it from a styling point of view is it is relatively low maintenance. You can pretty much wash, towel dry a slick of whatever product tickles your fancy and go. It’s a style that would suit someone with a strong jawline and a prominent brow.


Perfect for: Those with a defined jawline and high cheekbones.















High and Slick

The High and Slick is the new High and Tight. Similar to the crop, the High and Slick features the short back and sides – albeit finishing a little higher up - but with a close cut on top too. It’s for the person who likes a short, sharp but polished look. It’s also very popular with those growing out the traditional High and Tight from last year. Ask your barber to give you a killer fade and grab some pomade to keep it sleek and sharp. Pair with a great suit or dress the body down with jeans and a vintage t-shirt.


Perfect for: Those with a more rigid, square jawline and a maximum three-finger forehead.















The Bowl Cut

The modern bowl cut is slightly different from its infamous 90s brother, but its premise is more or less the same. While it’s not for everyone, it can certainly be pulled off if donned the right way. A low fade on the sides, culminating into the bowl. I don't mean like when your mum sat you down and put a pudding bowl on your head and cut round it. This year’s trend will be for nicely shorn tapers around the back and sides with a dramatic increase in weight on the top. It’s certainly a look for the younger crowd.

Perfect for: A skinner face with more defined facial features.




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