Haircut Services

All of our haircuts here at ybor city barbering company include a razor finish with a fresh blade everytime, a shampoo with tea tree and blow dry and style, we are experts here at style and can get you look great

In-Between Services

We offer clean ups (a fade on the back and sides without cutting hair from the top or the shampoo & style) we also offer a line up (a razor edge around your hairline) and a Nape shave (for the base of you neck if you have an undercut or one side of your head

Berard Services

We offer many services to get your beard looking perfect, all beard services are finished with a brand new razor every time

Color Services
IMG_1124 2.jpg

We have many stylists here to give you the exact color you are looking for, call us to get your color appointment on the books

Braiding Services
IMG_1123 2.jpg

We have skilled barbers here who can give you the braids of your dreams, you will need to call us to schdule this service

Waxing Services
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We have a selection of waxing services to book, including eyebrows and nose hair

Shaving Services
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We have a multi step process to give you the closest shave you have ever had, treat yourself and book a shave with us

Facial Services
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We also offer facial services here to get you relaxed and ready for your week, our facials start out with a cleanse, then followed by a scrub, after that we apply a mask and finish with a facial massage and skin tonic